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What to expect during your Colon Hydrotherapy Session

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

It is only human to be a tad inquisitive, even nervous about any medical treatment, not to mention how people feel about the thought of having their colon flushed with water.

In a previous post we mentioned the benefits of this treatment, but just how does this process work exactly? Firstly, rest assured as colon hydrotherapy is a completely natural and painless process.

Your first appointment will usually last about an hour and a half and will include a consultation, medical questionnaire and a full explanation of the equipment and the colonics procedure. In this consultation, our qualified and friendly Colon Hydrotherapist will also suggest positive changes to bring your lifestyle back into natural balance with your body.

Following your consultation, the therapy itself takes around 45 minutes, during which modern, hygienic equipment gently cleanses your colon using warm filtered water, in a simple, dignified procedure.

You are completely covered during the entire procedure, resting comfortably on the massage table. You will be asked to lay in the fetal position followed by the tube that is inserted into your rectum. Warm filtered water is introduced into your colon through a small tube called a speculum that is gently inserted into your rectum. As the warm water enters, you’ll feel a fullness as your colon fills up, then a relaxing feeling as it empties. The water pressure and temperature are carefully controlled, and all waste is drained away discreetly in a closed system with absolutely no mess or odors.

This filling and emptying process is repeated several times and the hydrotherapist gently massages to your abdomen.

After this process, the tube is carefully removed and you will be directed to the bathroom to expel any excess water.

After the session, your hydrotherapist will advise you on the types of supplements to consider as well as some advice for what to eat afterward.

Hannah Venter is an internationally trained and accredited (RICTAT United Kingdom) Colon Hydrotherapist at Kallima Lifestyle Clinic.  We offer 45-60-minute sessions with state-of-the-art equipment in a clinic setting. To book a session contact us on 0824193976


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