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Mindful Living: The Kallima Series (Part 3)

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

We have recently started a series that is dedicated to mindfulness. If you haven’t read our previous articles yet, lets recap. We have shared our top 3 mindfulness tips and unpacked 2 of the 6 categories that we believe play a vital role in being balanced mentally, physically and spiritually.

Let’s recap the 6 mindfulness categories:

1. Being mindful of your health (Available to read here)

2. Spiritual mindfulness (Available to read here)

3. Being mindful at work of in your career 

4. Social mindfulness

5. Recreational mindfulness 

6. Being mindful in your surroundings – your home 

We will discuss these categories over multiple articles in an effort to not overload you with too much information at once :)

3. Being mindful at work

We already understand that being mindful means you are consciously present with what you are doing, while you are doing it. This should be the norm for the workplace too!

For example, a task such as writing business reports requires you to be fully attentive. However, if you find that your mind starts wandering you need to bring you attention back to the task at hand.  Mindfulness brings us back to the present moment and gives us the tools we need to be less stressed, calmer and kinder to ourselves.

Mindfulness means you should stop multitasking! When we constantly shuffle from one task to another, the quality of our work can suffer. Through mindfulness — simply coming back to the present moment repeatedly — we can train ourselves to become more focused and ultimately more productive!

What to do when you feel stressed at work?

When you are experiencing a particularly stressful moment, a popular mindfulness exercise known as S.T.O.P. can be helpful. 

  • Stop. Just take a momentary pause, no matter what you’re doing. 

  • Take a breath. Feel the sensation of your own breathing, which brings you back to the present moment. 

  • Observe. Acknowledge what is happening, for good or bad, inside you or out. Just note it. 

  • Proceed. Having briefly checked in with the present moment, continue with whatever it was you were doing.

4. Social Mindfulness

Imagine a situation in which two friends enter a coffee shop and decide to have something sweet with their coffee. It seems the coffee shop only has three pieces of cake left to choose from 2 slices of red velvet and one slice of chocolate. If the first person who chooses wants to be nice, she takes the red velvet cake, so her friend still has different kinds of cake to choose from; taking the chocolate cake would in fact limit her friend’s choice.  

Social Mindfulness is when you recognise the needs and wishes that other people may have in the present moment. This means putting yourself in a situation where you see what others may want, and act accordingly.

Put simply, being socially mindful is being mindful of others. 

For us here at Kallima Lifestyle Clinic the term Social Mindfulness means treating others based on factors such as kindness, thinking not only of yourself but also of others, putting others first (not in a way that would obviously be harmful to you), acting with empathy.

Keep an eye out for our final article in our series covering mindful living!

At Kallima we want to help you learn how to live a mindful life “on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally”, whether it be for weight loss purposes or for creating a stronger inner-you. To book your appointment contact us on 0824193976


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