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Colon Hydrotherapy
A gentle cleansing of the colon using water to clear the body of toxins and provide relief from a range of conditions.
Cold Pressed Juices
Our very own Cold Pressed Juices that are loaded with vitamins and minerals to fuel your body!
Set up your desired layout via custom rows, columns and modules
G5 Slimming Treatments
Good bye Cellulite! A massage that breaks down fatty deposits and removes toxins from the body. Get ready to tone up and slim down!
Highly trained in what we do! Ranging from our beauty therapists to our colon hydrotherapist.
30 years’ experience in changing the lives of others.
More than 1000 happy clients and counting!
Consciously Organic
We align our values with everything that is good for our bodies and earth.

Kallima Products

We have taken great care in sourcing products that are locally produced and packaged.
Model: Colon Hydrotherapy (1 Session)
Kick-start weight lossMaintain regularity and prevents constipationDecreases the risk of colon cancerIncreased energyWhole-Body well-being Improvement..
Colon Cleanser
New Hot
Model: Colon Cleanser
Magnesium Powder Colon Flush -12 Sachets..
Model: Program: Kallima Spring Detox Kickstart Package
5 Day Detox 3 Broths4 Fat Flush Soups5 Detox Teas4 Cold Press Juices 1 Colon Hydrotherapy Session *Valid September Only!..
Cellulite Killer Juice
New Hot
Model: Juices02
Contains Freshly Pressed: LemonPearPineapple Grapefruit Celery GingerLime240 ml..
Refresh Juice
New Hot
Model: Juices01
Contains Freshly Pressed:Beetroot CarrotsLime MintSpinach Watermelon 250 ml..
Fast Fat Loss Juice
New Hot
Model: Juices
Contains Freshly Pressed:TomatoAppleCucumber Carrots 250 ml..
Colon Boost Juice
New Hot
Model: Juices03
Contains Freshly Pressed:Beetroot Celery Carrots LemonAppleCucumber Lime240 ml..
Cellulite Killer Juice
New Hot
Model: Juices02
Contains Freshly Pressed: LemonPearPineapple Grapefruit Celery GingerLime240 ml..
Hannah Fat Burner
New Hot
Model: Hannah Fat Burner
Kallima’s very own signature fat burner containing Garcinia, Hoodia and Green Tea Extract. 100% Natural..
Model: KLC-59-155
60 Capsules - Helps with high blood pressure, inflammation of the intestines, high cholesterol, poor circulation, liver and gallbladder disorders...
Model: KLC-59-154
60 Capsules - Wild Dagga is a flower that helps with high blood, hemorrhoids, fever, headache, asthma and influenza...
Model: Juices08
Contains Freshly Pressed:Pineapple Apple Mint240 ml..
Model: UltraSlim Weight Loss Booster Shot
Detox your BodyImprove your MetabolismBurn Fat Faster10ML..
Model: KLC-59-151
60 Capsules – Slippery elm is a natural herb that is used for constipation, haemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome, bladder and urinary tract infectio..

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