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Weight Loss Coaching & Colon Hydrotherapy in Pretoria

Custom Programs to Help You Achieve Your Health & Lifestyle Goals.

Improve Your Health, Improve Your Life

Ready for a lifestyle and health change? 


Are you sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed, moody, starved, or having uncontrollable cravings?

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Do you wish you could still fit into your old clothes, or wear clothes that make you feel good and look great?


Have you followed FAD diets that show no results?


Do you keep yourself accountable to living a healthy lifestyle?

Achieve your health and weight loss results faster with the guidance of a dedicated and experienced health coach. 


You deserve to be confident.

We know how tough it is to stay on track of a healthy lifestyle with everyday demands. 


Where are you getting your proven weight loss advice from? Is someone guiding you and giving you the advice that will set you up for success and results?


We are here to help you!


We support you on this journey by offering:

  • An Initial InBody Analysis

  • Personal one-to-one Consulting Sessions

  • Weekly Weight in Sessions to track your progress

  • Proven Advice and Guidance

  • A Digital Kallima Booklet

3 Easy Steps to a Healthier, Slimmer and more Confident YOU! 

1. Book your consultation 

Let us know you are ready to take the first step toward your health goals.  

2. Personal one-on-one session

We get to know you, your habits and do an InBody Analysis to get an overview of your body build and overall health.

3. Start your program

Based on the information we gather in your one-to-one sessions; we provide you with a customised program tailored to your needs.


Services We Offer


Colon Hydrotherapy


This treatment detoxifies the intestine by removing any built-up waste, promoting the body’s natural healing abilities.


It has been known to increase the immune system’s ability to fight off diseased cells and other poisons.


Ozone Treatments

A treatment to increase the amount of oxygen in the body.

For many years, Ozone has been used successfully in many countries to treat over 150 diseases. This is because no disease can thrive in an alkaline, oxygen-rich environment


Lymph Draining 


Our lymph system helps rid our bodies of waste and can at times become blocked or slow down. Lymph nodes are located throughout our bodies and serve as a central part of the immune system. 

Lymphatic drainage is a massage technique that is designed to stimulate the flow, of a fluid that transports white blood cells, oxygen, and nutrients to tissues throughout the body, known as Lymph.


When I joined Kallima I realised that this is not a diet. It is not even an eating plan, Kallima is a lifestyle. Kallima is not complicated or boring or even difficult to maintain. Kallima is for me, the opposite of all diets I ever tried. It is a way of life that not only helps you lose weight (and all benefits surrounding that) but also gives you energy, new choices, perspective and increased health.

Juanita Swart

I soon started my weight loss journey with Hannah my life coach, and Fanezi my motivator both new found friends. My weight was sitting at 94kg and for my height, that meant I was way over the limit. I told Hannah I wanted to lose 30kg and asked her how quick could she help me lose it? Her response was "As quick as you want to lose it!"  Kalima is not a quick fix place for obesity but it is a lifestyle clinic where a balanced life is encouraged. In order to lose weight, I needed to be physically, mentally, socially and spirituality at peace and in tune and Hannah has assisted me to achieve this balance. The best part is I have also managed to lose 20kg in the 6months that I have been on her program. I am happy, I am healthy, I sleep well and I am mostly calm even when going through stressful times I can manage my food and drinks intake. Thank you Kallima for your continuous support can't wait to reach my goal weight of 65kg

Zeldah Ntuli

I have lost 17kg on my journey thus far and I have never felt so healthy, positive, motivated, inspired and energetic to do what I was meant to do. My body enables me to do anything as I have learned how to take care of it, so that in return it can do the same for me.  I am grateful, Hannelie, for your never ending support and thank you for the Gift that you are to all the women and men you continue to inspire to rediscover themselves. You are loved always.

Lesego Goulkan

About Us

My name is Hannah Venter. I founded Kallima [pronounced Kal-li-ma] in 2003 because I am passionate about helping people live a healthy, balanced life where they feel comfortable with their bodies.

At Kallima we help you address your diet-related health issues and feel better than you ever have, by teaching you how to live a healthy life by changing your habits to get the results you have always wanted.


I help you take care of your body, simply by helping you change your thinking. How you think impacts the health of your brain and body. A busy lifestyle where you try and establish a career or build a business tends to lead to a scenario where you put your own needs last. You do your best at work, take care of your family but tend to forget about your own needs. Your body is all you have, it defines who you are, and you need to take good care of it!


Ever heard the saying “You are what you eat”? It goes without saying, if you do not give your body the correct fuel you will not have the results you want. Plus, it is your responsibility to take care of your body.


Kallima follows a holistic approach. I focus on the whole person because no creative, intelligent adult should suffer from isolated health issues without looking at the whole picture first. I do believe all of us can nourish ourselves and reach a more whole body/mind/spirit state of wellness through a holistic approach to health.


This is what I help facilitate for others through my Lifestyle coaching.

I coach clients to achieve their health and spiritual goals (e.g., weight loss, digestive concerns, emotional eating) through living a healthy balanced life! I teach sustainable and healthy lifestyle and nutrition habits by renewing your minds and changing your habits forever so that you live a life where you find your hidden potential. You will journey into the future with confidence.


Schedule your consultation at Kallima to learn more about how I can change your life forever!


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