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Rife Treatment and Assessment. What is it?

What does Rife Treatment address?

The Rife machine was developed by an American scientist in the 1920s by Royal Raymond Rife.

Rife and his supporters say that all medical conditions have an electromagnetic frequency. Rife treatment works by finding the frequency of the condition. An impulse of the same frequency is then used to kill or disable diseased cells.

Many websites are claiming the Rife machine can cure cancer but please take note that most of these claims are personal accounts. They don’t have any scientific research to back them up.

What is the Rife Machine?

Ever-evolving technology has made it possible for this machine to allow the body to fight pathogens and disease.

According to an article from CancerResearch UKs website the Rife machine and other types of similar machines produce low energy waves. These waves are also called radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. They have low energy compared to x-rays or radiotherapy which has high energy. The use of low energy waves as a treatment is less common, but there is some research on it.

How does it work?

The Rife machine uses electrical pads on either your feet or hands. These pads attach to the machine, which produces the necessary electrical impulses. You connect yourself to it for a few minutes a day, several times a week.

What is the Rife Machine Used to Treat?

Detox – Cleanse your kidney, liver as well as Lymphatic System. It is recommended that the detox treatment be repeated on a monthly basis.

Infections – The treatment of ailments that are described with the medical terminology suffix as an “-itis”. Such as Tonsillitis, Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Laryngitis, etc. Even if you are not sick, it’s good for preventing illness!

Neuro – Treatment of frequencies related to Pain, Depression, Relaxation, Anxiety, stress as well as an Energy Boost.

Skin Problems - A general program to treat skin problems such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Boils and Acne.

Bone/Osteo Regeneration - A program to treat Gout, Arthritis and Osteoporosis. Rife technology goes well with a circulation program and the use of an Ozone Machine Treatment at the same time, while also improving circulation!

Fatigue – Address the causes of fatigue and the lack of energy.

Possible Side Effects

CancerResearch UKs website states that supporters of the Rife machine say there are no side effects however, there have been some reports of electrical shocks and rashes.

Kallima Lifestyle Clinic offers Rife Assessment and Treatments. To book your appointment contact us on 0824193976


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