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Reset the Pleasure Trap

We live in a fast-paced world where we are constantly trying to keep up. Not only are we stressed out, sadly we are hooked to this dynamic too. On top of this, we are caught in a chaotic, frenzied spiral of addiction where people are chasing money, power, success and an even wilder, faster-paced life!

In a vicious circle, this exhausting fast pace of life promotes chronic stress and anxiety within many, if not most, of us.

Current societal pressure has led to increased stress levels in many individuals. Stress often creates a desire or need to feel better. Feeling better is often “achieved” through a variety of compulsive behaviour such as eating junk food, drinking alcohol, smoking and drug addiction (prescribed medication and the use of narcotics).

All of this leads to a spiral of bad behaviour we call; The Pleasure Trap. As time goes on, we need more fast food, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs to make (and keep) us happy.

What are the results of this pandemic and self-destructive cycle?

  • Being overweight

  • A lack of energy

  • Feelings of depression

  • Addiction to substances

At Kallima Lifestyle Clinic we are focused on breaking this cycle by using the only model that works, for an overall change!

Contact us to learn the unique insights into the factors that make each of us suspectable to dietary and lifestyle changes. We help you discover how to restore the biological processes designed to keep you happy, healthy and content.


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