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How to Prepare for Colon Hydrotherapy and Aftercare Requirements

A colonic cleanse deeply cleanses the large and small colon by flushing water, sometimes coffee or tea, by the means of a colon hydrotherapy instrument that is inserted into the rectum. This will stimulate the bowels and help you go to the bathroom. 

Colon cleansing can help improve your body’s overall health and wellness and may even reduce your risks for colon cancer.

How do you know when you need a session?

Our bodies are smart, and body awareness is very real. A healthy person in need of a colonic will usually notice sluggishness, abnormal bloating and/or excess gas, feelings of fatigue, headaches, as well as breakouts or a foul body odour. A clogged colon is like an overflowing septic tank that can spread toxicity throughout the body. A few colonics a year, accompanied with a healthy and balanced diet, proper hydration, daily exercise, adequate rest and a positive mind is a recipe for a very happy body, mind and spirit.

What can you eat/drink before and after your session?

At Kallima we advise you to eat beetroot before going for a colon hydrotherapy session. It helps to empty the colon easily and it gives an indication of how long the digestive proses takes in your colon. Kallima has a specific beetroot juice recipe that you can make before your session. Remember you to juice the ingredients not blend it!

We recommend that you eat light the evening before and day of your colonic session. Lightly steamed or sautéed vegetables, fresh juices and soups are good choices. It’s best to avoid fried, processed or uncooked foods, and to cease food about 3 hours before your scheduled colonic. 

You want to refrain from eating for two hours before your session. If you need a morning appointment and you are a person who needs to eat in the morning, plan your schedule to have a light but satisfying morning meal, and then come in to begin your session two hours later.

It is important that you come to the session hydrated. We ask that leading up to the colonic treatment you drink 2 liters of water, which should already be part of your day to day regime.

Afterward, you can absolutely go about your day as you normally would. We recommend you avoid any foods that you know irritate or upset your stomach and avoid alcohol.

What should you expect after your very first Colon Hydrotherapy session?

After your first session, it is not uncommon to feel a little tired, mild cramping/bloating, or slightly fatigued. You may also have another gentle release post colonic, nothing that would prevent you from going about your normal daily activities though. It is also not uncommon to not have a bowel movement the morning after a productive colonic. Discomfort, if any, post colonic will subside the next day. It is also not uncommon to leave a session feeling light on your feet, with an abundant amount of energy and somewhat euphoric. 

Hannah Venter is an internationally trained and accredited (RICTAT United Kingdom) Colon Hydrotherapist at Kallima Lifestyle Clinic.  We offer 45-60-minute sessions with state-of-the-art equipment in a clinic setting. To book a session contact us on 0824193976


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